Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures Law

Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures LawEffective January 1, 2017, California law will require property owners for properties built before 1994 to install water-conserving plumbing fixtures by 2017 for single family properties and by 2019 for all other properties. In addition, if a property is altered


eClosings?A new concept is being tried, which involves the electronic close of escrows. Some companies are contemplating whether to move forward with handling escrows electronically through escrow companies, which have virtual offices.Under this concept, all of the documents would be sent to the

Question and Answer Regarding Counter-Offer

Question: I represent buyers in a transaction. They wrote an offer to purchase a property. The sellers issued a counter-offer. The buyers signed the counter-offer and returned it to the sellers within the time frame permitted. The sellers now want to renegotiate the deal and the listing agent claims

Bay Area Crisis Nursery

The Shannon B. Jones Law Group is currently collecting food and toys for the Bay Area Crisis Nursery. Barrels are located at their office located at 208 W. El Pintado, Danville, California. All contributions are welcome.

Question and Answer Regarding Transfer Disclosure Statement

Question and Answer Regarding Transfer Disclosure StatementQuestion: I understand that a buyer has an automatic right of rescission after receiving a completed Transfer Disclosure Statement (“TDS”). What happens if the selling agent does not complete their section of the TDS? Can the

Tax Relief Bill for Distressed California Homeowners Rejected

Tax Relief Bill for Distressed California Homeowners RejectedWhen the California real estate market took a downturn in 2007, the legislature responded by providing mortgage relief. Under this law, if a Californian sold a home where the amount of the loan was greater than the value and the lender

Agents Should Not Copy Other Agents’ Listings to Craigslist

Agents Should Not Copy Other Agents’ Listings to CraigslistA recent trend in marketing is for one agent to copy another agent’s listing on Craigslist and adopt it as their own. For example, an agent copies a listing agent’s listing into Craigslist, but places their name as the

Loss of $2,000,000 Due to Wire Fraud

Loss of $2,000,000 Due to Wire FraudIt was recently reported that a buyer wired a $2,000,000 deposit for a $20,000,000 purchase of an apartment in Manhattan, NY. He inadvertently sent it to cybercriminals and is now blaming his real estate attorney. While in contract, the buyer’s email was
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